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remote access trojan - image

Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attack – An exclusive guide

Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is malicious software that allows hackers to gain control over a victim’s computer. This blog post explains RAT attacks, their mechanism, and their impact on individuals and organizations.

what is a common indicator of a phishing attempt

Common Indicators of a Phishing Attempt

Discover the telltale signs of a phishing scam and protect yourself from online fraud. Learn about the most common indicator of a phishing attempt in our latest blog post.

malware and its types - featured image

Malware – A Detailed Guide: What Is It, Types, And How Can I Stay Safe?

There are different types of malware out there that can adversely affect your computer. This article will discuss the most common types of malware and what you can do to protect yourself from them. By knowing about malwares and taking these simple steps, you should be able to keep your computer safe from any malicious software.


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