Best Firewall for Small Business in 2022

Firewall for small business


In today’s hyperconnected society, there is rising worry about data security and privacy. With hundreds of security breach cases reported worldwide, organized cybercrime gangs are increasingly targeting small businesses. However, small firms must deal with sensitive personal information, such as bank data. It’s crucial to maintain the privacy of this kind of information, especially because small businesses are a popular target for cybercriminals, and installing a secure firewall is the first step. In this guide, we will check out the Firewall suited for small businesses.

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What exactly is a firewall?

The most basic definition of a firewall is an obstruction between a secure internal network and the World Wide Web.

An organization’s previously established security rules are used to monitor and filter incoming and outgoing network traffic through a firewall.

For clear understanding,

Consider the firewall as a security guard for our home. He will be at our front door and just check the visitors/guest for any weapons or any kind of basic security checks. If the visitor has any weapons, then our guard will immediately block him and won’t permit him inside the home. If not, the visitor is free to go inside.

Likewise, the firewall sits in between our users and the internet. It will just check whether the request made by the user contains any malicious things. If it encounters any malicious activity, then it will eliminate them or block them. Check out the image below.


5 Best Firewall for small business

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

  • This Firewall combines security and great performance in a cost-effective manner to provide small businesses with the cyber-attack protection they require.
  • Ubiquiti routers feature a simple framework for implementing custom Firewall rules, allowing you to totally control what goes where and what may connect with what on your network.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall

  • This is a cloud-managed appliance that installs itself in your SD-WAN network automatically. It also analyzes network packets to detect and eliminate dangerous threats and assaults.
  • There are several models to choose from. The most basic solutions can manage 50 customers with 50 simultaneous VPN connections.
  • To know more about Cisco’s Next-generation Firewall – CLICK HERE


  • SonicWall is built for SMBs and branch sites since it is simple to use while providing all of the security that SMBs require to defend their network from cyber-attacks.
  • You don’t want to be caught off guard, so you’re probably searching for something similar that’s adaptable, nimble, and well-suited for small businesses. This is when SonicWall comes into play.


  • Firewalla differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on small, home-based enterprises. Firewalla provides many levels to meet differing demands, with all of these alternatives proving effective in the correct conditions. The red variant is ideal for families and those who do not want extreme speed.
  • In contrast, the blue model is an excellent choice for enterprises that handle large volumes of data and require lightning-fast connections.

Sophos XG 86

  • The next-generation Firewall is designed to detect and prevent both unknown and recognized threats. Overall, it provides one of the most comprehensive network security solutions which is Maximum protection.
  • Sandbox installation, for example, allows IT teams to evaluate cybersecurity risks in-house. It may also encrypt incoming and outgoing data while detecting ransomware attacks before they occur.

Benefits of Firewall for small business.

Now that we’ve determined the finest Firewall, what advantages do they provide to any small business that decides to employ them?

  • A firewall protects against hackers and unauthorized remote access.
  • It safeguards data—improved security and network monitoring capabilities.
  • It improves privacy and security.


Choosing the correct network security choices is critical, especially for small organizations. Cybersecurity threats to SMBs are on the rise, so you need the strongest tools and alternatives available. With the alternatives described above, you should have a better knowledge of the necessity of firewalls/routers and, ideally, be able to pick the best firewall router for your small business.

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